10 reasons to buy our mirror

Our mirrors are beautiful.
We love our customers
It is unacceptable situation for us if the customer is not satisfied with the purchase.
Possibility to choose you ideal mirror
More than 100 models in any size up to 2.5 meters with an arbitrary set of options.
Availability of useful options
You can order: defogging heater, clock, shelf, contour backlight, push-button or sensor switch, built-in magnifying mirror and more.
Reliable packaging and delivery
We have created packaging that guarantees the safety of mirrors during transportation. Our partner DPD provides fast delivery across the country. Mirrors are packed in wooden crates. We guarantee free replacement if the mirror is damaged during the shipment.
High quality is the priority for us.
Money back guarantee
We provide 100% money back guarantee if you do not like the mirror.
The unique technology of LED backlight
Beautiful uniform illumination of the mirror light zone. The technology is patented (series Juergen LED).
Easy to install
It is very easy to mount our mirrors and to connect them to mains.
Hundreds of positive reviews
from different countries.